Ankylosing Spondylitis

Back pain Is a disease that causes enlargement of the spine and the hardening of the tissue around the spine. There is no known cause but it is treatable. It is a condition that is present at birth in ninety percent of patients. However, there are other circumstances that cause the onset of the condition. Individuals with the HLA-B27 gene have a strong chance of having it develop. Ten percent of individuals develop the condition with no symptoms.

Because symptoms include pain and stiffness, no appetite, Bony Fusion. This is when the bones grow too big and cause them to join together in the wrong way. Pain in ligaments and tendons, Tendonitis often causes pain in the heel. Eye swelling(in some patients) and in rare cases heart and lung problems.

Diagnosis is made by the presence of symptoms, fever, and fatigue, examining X rays of the pelvis and back, and physical exam results.

As a result, common methods used to relieve pain include non-prescription and prescription medication to reduce the swelling, exercise, physical and occupational therapy, good posture and surgery.