Suboxone TreatmentAddiction is a treatable disease that involves more than the use of drugs.  Without treatment, however, it ends badly and predictably – Jails, Institutions, and Death! Addiction always starts with Pain and ends with Pain.  So often, it is the Pain Management physician who is first able to recognize the disease.

Suboxone (buprenorphine plus naloxone) is a treatment we offer and an effective first step in treatment for one of the most difficult aspects of the disease – physical dependence of opiates and their withdrawal.  Once the physical dependence is managed, the next step is a movement towards REAL recovery.

Suboxone is not a treatment for addiction – it is only helpful for the physical aspects of the disease of addiction.  Suboxone is only useful as an opportunity to create a break from active addiction in order to learn about your disease, to seek and to develop a program of recovery, and then to actively work and to live that program.

Methadone maintenance is another tactic which is different from buprenorphine (Suboxone.)  It is used because it is potent, long-acting, and inexpensive.  However, WE ARE NOT A METHADONE CLINIC and WE DO NOT PRESCRIBE METHADONE FOR NARCOTIC DEPENDENCY MAINTENANCE.

Many patients ask about Subutex which is buprenorphine without naloxone.  Subutex may be used in helping to control pain but it is not indicated for narcotic dependency.

Please know that you do not have to go through your suffering alone.  We are here to help…Just reach out and ask.


Only you can answer this question.

This may not be an easy thing to do. All through our usage, we told ourselves, “I can handle it.” Even if this was true in the beginning, it is not so now. The drugs handled us. We lived to use and used to live.   Perhaps you admit you have a problem with drugs, but you don’t consider yourself an addict.  All of us have preconceived ideas about what an addict is.

There is nothing shameful about being an addict once you begin to take positive action. If you can identify with our problems, you may be able to identify with our solution. The following questions were written by recovering addicts in Narcotics Anonymous. If you have doubts about whether or not you’re an addict, take a few moments to read the questions below and answer them as honestly as you can.

“Am I an addict?” This is a question only you can answer. We found that we all answered different numbers of these questions “Yes.” The actual number of “Yes” responses wasn’t as important as how we felt inside and how addiction had affected our lives.

Some of these questions don’t even mention drugs. This is because addiction is an insidious disease that affects all areas of our lives—even those areas which seem at first to have little to do with drugs.

Some of us tried to dismiss these thoughts by saying:

“Oh, those questions don’t make sense;”


“I’m different. I know I take drugs, but I’m not an addict. I have real emotional/family/job problems;”


“I’m just having a tough time getting it together right now;”


“I’ll be able to stop when I find the right person/get the right job, etc.”

These questions, when honestly approached, may help to show you how using drugs has made your life unmanageable.

Addiction takes our pride, self-esteem, family, loved ones, and even our desire to live. If you have not reached this point in your addiction, you don’t have to.

Finally, There is hope…just reach out and ask for help.

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